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Pure Air, offer complete solutions across the entire Hitachi air conditioning and heating product range, enabling you to source all types of equipment to suit any applications from one company.

We will ensure that your requirements are met from initial contact, through to quotation, order, delivery and beyond.

Founded 2017,  Pure Air Distribution Ltd have over one hundred years combined experience in the air conditioning industry. We are fully committed to forming and sustaining a strong relationship with each customer, using our extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry to exceed customer expectations, promising innovation and a continual pursuit for improvement in an ever-changing environment.


Pure Air Distribution Ltd – committed to Hitachi delivering air conditioning excellence!

In January 2019 we continued our expansion and moved to new offices and as a result our number has changed to 01420 552 340


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The new special design for Restaurants, Hotels, Apartments, Shopping Centres, etc. The flexible indoor units are suitable for all kinds of room size.

Rapid cooling and heating, will give you a comfortable and quiet environment.

Multi-Speed Fan(Indoor unit)

Multi-Speed fan helps satisfy various airflow requirements.

Quiet Operation

Units have quiet mode which can reduce the fan speed and frequency of the compressor to get ensure a operation noise.

Auto Restart

Units are automatically returned to previous operation conditions after a power outage, for simplified operation.

Reserved port for fire alarm device

Reserved port for key slot

For example: Hotel Room Card Control insert room card for power.

Smart Defrost

The smart defrost software and added defrost sensor will precisely control the defrost time and effect, which can effectively avoid the defrost delay. Basically, it’s awesome at ‘defrost’.

High Efficiency DC Fan Motor

Most of the fan motors of the indoor and outdoor units are DC fan motors, which can adjust speed and ESP automatically. This allows running of the units to be more reliable and efficient with low noise.

Wide Ambient Temperature Range

High cooling and heating performance at wide ambient temperature range.

Refrigerant Leak Detect

Indoor unit will stop operation automatically and show an error code when the refrigerant charge is lower than 30%, which can avoid the compressor being damaged by high temperature due to refrigerant leakage. When the refrigerant charge is between 30%~80%, the unit will judge itself if an error code is necessary. This feature can also better ensure the heat transfer efficiency and the safety of the unit.

Temperature Protection System

– Fan motor overheating protection
– Compressor start preheating in cold climate
(Only for Heat Pump)
– Compressor overheating protection

Low/High pressure switch

High pressure and Low pressure switch keep the system and compressor reliable.

Reliable Running

An oil viscosity test was undertaken for compressor in order to ensure the reliability of the running.

Safety Protection

Enclosing the electrical assembly in an entire metal box, ensures increased product safety.

Discharge temperature sensor

Ensure the compressor will operate in the safety range, and prevent the damage caused by refrigerant leakage.

This is the best support I’ve received. Twice I needed help – and both times it came quickly, in a very professional and easy to understand way. You saved my day!


The price and customer service I received from Pure Air was excellent. Although this was only a small job, I was treated the way I would expect to be treated for a large project. I found them very easy to deal with and any queries I had were promptly resolved. I couldn’t fault the price or customer service, so I decided to go with it.



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