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Johnson Controls – Hitachi Air Conditioning

Established on October 1st, 2015 as a joint venture between Hitachi Appliances, Inc. and Johnson Controls, Inc. Hitachi Appliances carved out and contributed its air conditioning business to the Joint Venture. Johnson Controls acquired a 60% stake of the carved-out business and Hitachi Appliances continues as a 40% shareholder of this venture. With this joint venture, two rich, 100-year-old cultures and histories have come together to create one exciting new company, serving their combined customers with the most diverse product portfolio in the air conditioning industry.

Freely translated Hitachi means “A man sees the sunrise as a sign of the start of a better future”. Namihei Odaira founded the Japanese company HITACHI Ltd. in Tokyo in 1910. His vision was to develop products, which would provide people with a more comfortable and productive environment. With over 100 years of company history we look with pride on our product range of over 20,000 products, which impress in all areas of life with high quality and a long service life. The corporate statement “Inspire the Next” shows their forward-looking perspective, which enables us to recognise and satisfy people’s requirements at an early stage.

The company is one of the top-five most environmentally conscious companies in Japan and, naturally, this approach is conveyed to all 934 subsidiaries and to the approx. 377,000 employees worldwide. Therefore, planners and users can be sure that the price-performance ratio is right and that environmental protection is a priority. Their products range from industrial air conditioning systems, air conditioning for offices or diverse commercial operations, to room air conditioners and heat pumps for the private sector to water chillers and compressors. They have made these at their own factory in Barcelona lowering production costs, reducing delivery times and facilitating optimum, top-class service. Today, saving on energy costs is a decisive criterion when choosing an air conditioning unit. Hitachi have recognised their clients‘ needs in relation to the climate change debate. Their products stand out today thanks to their high energy efficiency grades.

All their devices work with the DC Inverter technology developed by Hitachi. The system can quickly achieve the desired room temperature setting thanks to the inverter’s variable speed. This means up to 30 percent of the energy consumption can be saved without sacrificing on comfort.

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