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Commercial Air Conditioning

No outdoor space to spare, listed building or restrictive covenants? With Utopia Centrifugal, you can bring the outdoors, indoors. This Condensing unit is ideal where your external space is limited or planning restrictions are in place. Hitachi’s Utopia range consists of high specification in both single and multi-split systems and a variety of compact to centrifugal duct types. Utopia minimises piping work, with zone by zone operation and capacities ranging from 12.5kW to 25kW, allowing for discrete systems.

Whether it’s a shop, a restaurant or a bank. When customers enter a commercial space, they want their expectations to be met. And indeed, they always want to be comfortable.
Utopia IVX Comfort

Hitachi’s Utopia IVX Comfort range are high specification single and multi-split systems with all the benefits of VRF, including individual control of each indoor unit with an increased number of twin, triple and quad combinations in addition to delivering excellent part-load efficiency.

With cooling capacities and heating capacities from 2.2kW to 37.5kW, a maximum of 4 indoor units are connectable to a single outdoor unit, with individual control and efficiencies achieved as high as A++/A+ (depending on model/combinations).

The Utopia IVX Comfort commercial system is the perfect climate control solution for small and medium businesses since it provides independent temperature control in up to 4 different spaces.

The system is compatible with all the indoor units in the System Free range: ducts, cassette, console etc., you choose the option you prefer. You can combine different types of indoor units within the same circuit and operate them through individual or centralised control systems.

The control unit enables energy consumption to be kept in hand, thanks to its automatic control over energy demand. In addition, the unit is compatible with the H-Link II communication bus to integrate air curtains, and with the CSNET Web interface, which provides remote control over system operation.

The entire Utopia IVX Comfort range achieves high seasonal performance at partial loads, which is the most common operating environment when outside temperatures are not extreme. Thanks to that, it achieves significant energy savings.

Utopia ES

The Utopia ES system delivers air-conditioning to up to 4 different spaces through a central control and is thus the perfect solution for large open areas in commercial premises. Its compact size provides great versatility for its installation, since it can be adapted to almost any size space. The outdoor unit is compatible with the entire range of System Free indoor units: wall-mounted, cassette, ducts etc., so you can adapt each environment to the needs of any particular situation by choosing the most suitable model for each space, since different types can be combined within the same system. Through the CSNET Web / Manager BMS management systems, you can control the temperature of different spaces remotely. Therefore, even if you are not physically in the room to be controlled, you can turn on, turn off or adjust the temperature produced by the system. In addition, air curtains can be integrated using the H-Link II interface. The equipment has an operating mode that limits fan speed, thus reducing both power consumption and the level of noise it produces, especially important at night.