Delivering Air Conditioning Excellence

Control Systems

Hitachi offers a wide variety of control systems giving customers the flexibility to control their air conditioning system to suit their requirements.

The H-Link communications system, which is common across all System Free Utopia and Set Free products, provides a single and comprehensive range of local, central and BMS gateway controller options.

Even RAC products benefit, with a H-Link interface module now available.

Room Air Conditioner Controllers

The Room Air Conditioner controller range includes an option for every environment, including wireless infra-red, simplified hard-wired and seven day time clock hard-wired options. Group control is possible with up to 13 indoor units being controlled from a single point.

The connection of a H-Link interface allows the Room Air Conditioner range to be interfaced with the high specification System Free central controller and BMS interfaces, including the CSNet Web.

PC ARFHE_Thermostat view
System Free Controllers

The System Free control range, which is compatible with Utopia and Set Free systems, has a variety of options to suit every installation.

Individual controllers include wireless infra-red, simplified hard-wired and seven day time clock hard-wired options, each of which can control up to 16 indoor units simultaneously.

Central control can be enacted by the Central Station with an optional seven day time clock, which can control up to 160 indoor units in up to 64 control groups, all from a simple wall mounted controller.

BMS integration is possible with Modbus, LonWorks, BACnet and KNX gateways all available.

Samurai Chiller Controller

Developed specifically for the Hitachi Samurai Chiller, CSC-5S delivers individual control and monitoring. It checks and controls up to eight chillers, entirely customised to the needs of the customer. These functions can be conveniently monitored remotely from a control room. Unlike conventional controllers, no visit to the plant room to check the equipment is needed.

CS Net Web

The CSNet Web is a central controller and BMS gateway that should be an integral part of every high specification project.

Centralised control of up to 160 indoor units and 64 systems is available from each CSNet Web device, with up to 640 indoor units and 256 systems controllable through a single intuitive graphical interface on a PC or touch screen controller.

A vast array of control and monitoring options are available, including annual time clock, set point or mode setting or prohibition, cold draft control, energy usage monitoring and system historical data.

The CSNet Web is also a BMS gateway with Modbus® over IP protocol included as standard.