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Set Free VRF

Our Set Free range is VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems and includes the Mini 2 Pipe,  Side Flow 2 Pipe and the Modular Standard & High Efficiency 2 Pipe Heat Pump & 3 Pipe Heat Recovery. Each system allows a mixed combination of system free indoor units, including 12 indoor unit types, each of up to 15 capacities.

The Set Free range incorporates a number of features unique to Hitachi, such as the Side FLow FSNM wall mountable outdoor units (up to 37.5kW), the space saving monobloc design (up to 150kW capacity), and cold draft off coil temperature control across our entire range.

The Hitachi Set Free systems offer high efficiency (COP’s of up to 4.80) and excellent reliability.

Mini Heat Pump - FS(V)N(Y)2E

FS(V)N(Y)2E Mini Heat Pumps are 2-pipe heat pump VRF systems available in single & three phase models.

These compact units are rated with A/A efficiency with COP’s of up to 4.17.

Sideflow Heat Pump - FSNM

Sideflow Heat Pump – FSNM offers a compact alternative to traditional vertical discharge VRF. A twin fan horizontal airflow unit provides the most economical use of plant space, even allowing the option of a wall mounted VRF system.

A reduction in materials results in a reduced cost, whilst still maintaining the excellent performance and reliability expected of Hitachi VRF systems, with COP’s of up to 4.24.

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Heat Pump/Recovery FSXN & FSXHN

Set Free VRF 2-pipe heat pump or 3-pipe heat recovery is available from a single unit to adapt to customer requirements as they change. Each outdoor unit is lightweight and modular which – combined with long piping runs and improved height difference – means Set Free VRF can meet any design brief. Available in cooling and heating capacities from 22.4 kW to 165 kW in standard model and 14 kW to 100 kW in High Efficiency model.

Lower energy consumption

By means of the frequency inverter with Hitachi exclusive control and advanced optimisation software, the system connects, controls and manages its operation accurately. So it adjusts flow from the outdoor unit automatically depending on the number of indoor units in service, thus achieving significant energy savings.